Work in Excel. Be in Salesforce

X-Author turns Excel into a complete user interface for Salesforce, enabling users to add and update records for any number of objects from Excel while maintaining the permissions, rules, and security of Salesforce.

Users are 10+ times more productive in Salesforce, and organizations can achieve 100% Salesforce adoption. Since the data is stored in the cloud (Salesforce) and accessible by multiple users running X-Author, distributed teams can truly start collaborating using Excel and not have to share/email spreadsheets like before.

Standav is an X-Author Platinum Partner and is a leading Consulting and Implementation Services company based out of Santa Clara, CA.

  • Connect to Salesforce from Excel and load records from Salesforce.
  • Work with any number of standard and custom objects
  • Create and update Salesforce records from Excel
  • Insert/Remove rows in Excel to add/delete records from Salesforce
  • Enforce all Salesforce security rules, permissions and workflows in Excel
  • Work with any parent-child object data or related records
  • Update Salesforce records using Excel formulas and macros

The Complete Microsoft Excel Solution for Salesforce

  • Salesforce user adoption and productivity

    Boost productivity 10x – 100x and delight Salesforce users by enabling them to safely work using Excel while in Salesforce

  • Data migrator

    Move data between Salesforce orgs up to 80% faster! No more single object migration, copying and pasting of record ID’s, or CSV’s – just fast and easy migration of data for unlimited objects simultaneously

  • Power data loading and maintenance

    Quicker and easier data loading (CRUD) within and across Salesforce orgs for multiple objects and worksheets simultaneously – without leaving Excel. No more copying/pasting or CSVs!

  • Bring Excel processes into a Salesforce platform

    Deliver all the Excel capabilities that users want but move the data, permissions, reporting, routing, and controls to Salesforce.

  • Presto

    Unleash the power of Excel formulas, calculations, and macros inside Salesforce! Excel as a service in the cloud.

  • Chatter

    Bring the social and collaborative experience of Chatter to employees working in Microsoft Office