Supply Chain Analytics

The growth of ecommerce, constant pricing pressure and rise in customer expectations have created challenges that calls for companies to revamp their existing operational models. Analytics helps companies identify inefficiencies in supply chain and make the transition to a lean manufacturing model seamless.

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Analytics seeks to help Operations Managers in their daily activities and enhance their capabilities. Some of the pivotal areas are:-

  • Demand Forecasting - Generate forecasts at different levels and nodes; close the demand-supply gap
  • Inventory Optimization - Reduce transit inventory; adapt to volatilities in demand and supply
  • Capacity Utilization - Identify gaps in utilization of capacity; enhance productivity
  • Network Optimization - Run network scenarios and identify optimum one; reduce cost and lead-time
  • SKU Rationalization - Identify Key Value Items; weed out poor performing products

Thus, by aligning analytics with their operational model companies can design a supply chain capable of adapting to all the uncertainties and delivering products in the most efficient manner.

We help companies build a resilient supply chain that can cater to the needs of today and tomorrow.