Marketing Analytics

With more brands out there than ever, companies are struggling to reach out to their target audience. To deliver the right message at right time to right people, it’s crucial for companies to revamp their marketing strategy. Marketing analytics help organizations evaluate the success of their efforts, identify new opportunities and enhance ROI.

Analytics help [AT1] marketers in-

  •   Understanding consumer perceptions
  •   Monitoring trend over a timeline
  •   Measuring ROI [AT2] across channels
  •   Forecasting campaign results


Salesforce Implementation Partners

Generate intelligence from social media to understand consumer perceptions, perform SWOT analysis on in-house & competitor brands and discover new business opportunities. Also, leverage these insights to validate market research and personalize products/services.

Envisage & launch campaigns and measure their success using KPIs-

Salesforce Implementation Partners

A thorough understanding of these KPIs, helps companies optimize their Marketing Mix and improve customer reach.

We help marketers deliver experiences that surpass customer expectations and build relationships that last