CRM Enrichment & Analytics

At a time when customers are changing the way they research and purchase products, it is important for companies to reach out to their customers and influence them in the early stages of decision journey. This action calls for companies to invest in technologies and build touchpoints that can enrich Customer Relationship Management system. In the wake of a circular decision journey, where customers actively seek customization, it is time for companies to rethink their existing CRM practices and focus on building customer profiles and leveraging them to gain actionable insights.

Envisaging a multi-touchpoint strategy to enrich customer data is the first step towards this action. This includes identifying and creating new touchpoints, maximizing reach of existing touchpoints, and coordinating and integrating touchpoints. Also, it involves implementing an API system to collate data from different touchpoints and creating unique customer profiles.

Analytics, is the next step that adds value to the data collected. CRM analytics involves-

Salesforce Implementation Partners

We create an analytics roadmap that will help companies have a 360-degree customer view and build customer-centric business models.