CLM Implementation

Apttus CLM Implementation

Enterprises have realized the importance of having a reliable Contract Management Software that gives them better visibility into existing contractual obligations, future revenue realizations, contract compliance and audit. So, most enterprises have some form or the other of the CMS/CLM systems. We have extensive experience working with a number of CLM vendors over the years such as Nextance, Emptoris, Selectica and more recently, Apttus. We have served clients from industry verticals such as High Tech, Life Sciences, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing among others.

Our current CLM practice primarily focuses on Apttus’ Contract Life Cycle Management.

  • Apttus’ CLM built on the powerful Force1 platform brings the best of breed solutions together.
  • Apttus’ CLM brings unparalleled business responsiveness, comprehensive visibility and complete control for all your agreements.
  • Apttus streamlines the entire contract lifecycle in Salesforce, the world’s most secure and reliable cloud platform, to increase organizational efficiencies while dramatically reducing risks and costs.
  • Apttus Contract Management software is a Key component of the Apttus Quote-to-Cash solution, allowing sales organizations to speed up time to Revenue, prevent revenue leakage, and reduce risk.

Our Apttus CLM Services include:

We can evaluate your existing business practices around the CLM system, provide you with a comprehensive study, and provide you with areas for improvement, including suggested best practices.

When you engage Standav for CLM Evaluation Services, we provide:

  • An in-depth analysis of your current CLM processes
  • Mapping between the current system and Apttus functionality
  • Understand the pain points faced by the business and suggest solutions
  • A detailed migration path from the current system to Apttus CLM.
  • Provide a high level estimate and time lines – (Detailed estimates can only be arrived at after the business requirements are fully defined)

We offer configuration services for

  • Enhancements to an existing Apttus CLM implementation or
  • A brand new end-to-end CLM Implementation.

Configuration services we offer for an Apttus CLM implementation include, but not limited to:

  • Implementing different Agreement Types
  • Page Layouts based on the Agreement Type
  • Role/Profile based security as needed for the Contract Management Team
  • Validation Rules
  • Workflow Rules
  • Advanced Approval Process
  • Contract Clauses and Clause Library/Playbook
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards

This refers to the legacy data that needs to be migrated over to the Apttus CLM system.

When you engage our services for your CLM Implementation, we do include data migration as part of the End-to-end Apttus CLM Implementation. The effort will be appropriately scoped into the overall project.

We can offer this service independently from the implementation services.

As long as the legacy system supports data export into a csv format, one of our highly trained experts will help you through the process of getting the data migrated into Apttus.