Bigdata Analytics

In today’s digitally connected world there is a huge amount of structured, unstructured and semi structured data (so called Big Data) carrying mission critical information and the data size is now growing beyond proportions. This growth is leading to a situation where in extracting the useful data from such voluminous information and delivering meaningful business insights has become a challenge. Also traditional business intelligence systems fail to see the bigger picture and are unable to deal with the data deluge there by giving way to Big Data Analytics

Standav’s Big Data Engineering and Data Science practice enables organizations to effectively aggregate, Integrate and Validate data and uncover relevant business insights in real time. Standav believes that Big Data Engineering is not about using every bit of available data coming from all possible sources but it is more about making smart decisions that accelerates business growth.

Standav’s experienced Big Data Engineering and Analytics consultants have led some of the technologically challenging and compelling projects leveraging proven methodologies, tools and best practices to bring insight and innovation.

Standav’s Big Data Engineering services enables customers to understand, plan and implement a robust Big Data strategy by helping them hand in hand in providing the strategy road map, evaluation of the right technology, developing the proof of concept and then ensuring that the most suitable Big Data solution is implemented and managed.

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We advise based on proven, repeated methodologies a vendor neutral recommendation approach, Architecture blue prints and Implementation Road maps. Our consulting goes all the way from defining the Big Data Strategy and suggesting the right technologies based on customer specific requirements and also ensuring that the suggested approach complements existing investments in Data Warehouse / BI areas.

Once we have completed our consultation in choosing the right Big Data strategy and solution, our team of Big Data experts will help in end to end implementation of the Solution which covers the process of creating a working prototype, validating the prototype and then deploying the full blown Big Data solution on production environments. We further extend and provide on-going maintenance, optimisation and support of the implemented solution.

With the help of our highly experienced and qualified Data scientists we help organisations in providing meaningful predictive insights of their Big Data by performing Data cleansing and validation, analysing data patterns etc. Our teams also have reasonably good experience in Machine learning, NLP, Enterprise search and advanced decision science.