Delivery Model

Our Delivery Models: delivery models

  1. Offshore Model

    Our offshore locations are equipped with world class infrastructure and offer quality resources. Our offshore centers are experienced in working independently and with minimal supervision. Our teams use industry wide best practices and widely accepted project communication methodologies to ensure smooth and unambiguous communication between team members. A dedicated offshore project manager is assigned to each offshore project to make sure projects are carried out smoothly and risks, any, are identified early and dealt-with proactively. We offer competitive billing rates and this model is often employed when cost effective execution is the priority.

  2. On-site Model

    For projects with exclusive On-site model, we can offer resources who are able to work from the client location for the duration of the project. As an alternative, our resources can work from our own development centers based in the US, depending on customer’s discretion. This model helps clients augment their own teams with skilled external resources on short notice. Our resources have expertise in both technology and subject matter and often exceed demanding expectations.

  3. Hybrid Model (On-site + Offshore)

    This model offers the convenience of having our resources available to work with your team in your time-zone while also giving the benefit of cost savings via offshore resources. Another advantage to this model is the shortened project time lines as work continues round the clock. Our experienced offshore team and dedicated delivery managers ensure that work hand off to the On-site team is seamless on a day-to-day basis.

Our Engagement Models

Standav follows a methodical approach for pricing based on our business engagement models for CRM and other Cloud Implementation Projects. Once you engage Standav’s services, depending on the size and complexity of the Implementation, we offer two options:

  1. Fixed Price Model (FPM)
  2. Time & Material Model (T&M)
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